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Blitz Blanket

What better way to end a long yet exciting day, than to unwind with your beloved pet? At Lord Lou, we cannot think of anything more relaxing. We already get a warm and fuzzy feeling just by looking at the Blitz blanket. If that isn’t enough already, the weight of the blanket also gives a true sense of luxury. Made of faux fur, but no candidate for a faux-pas. The blanket feels and looks like a dream. Sit back and enjoy every minute of quality-time spent with your pet.

Not just a beautiful decoration

Combining different textures, fabrics and shapes in your home is an easy job with the Blitz being part of your interior. A home isn’t a home without proper accessories to decorate it. Your interior design is really coming together with the addition of several fashionable components. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: Decorate your home with the most functional eye catcher you have ever seen.

Functional Eye catcher

Fur never goes out of style, that is for sure. The Blitz looks humble on the first glance yet is a bold choice on the second glance. Its functionality comes in handy when you want to sit on your couch, without having your pets’ hairs all over the place. The blanket is washable: please wash and tumble dry at a low temperature to sustain the quality of the material. The Blitz is a high-quality blanket, making it the ultimate high-living accessory.


Size: 145 x 130 cm
57×51 Inches

Lush and tightly woven for realistic beauty and softness. Variegated shades of light brown, tipped with cream.

Front is 82% modacrylic, 18% polyester
Reverses 100% polyester.
washable on 30 degrees, tumble dry on low temperature