Dog Clothing

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      4 products

      Luxury Clothes for Dogs

      Lord Lou offers fashionable and best quality dog clothes to fit the dog in comfort and incomparable styles. You can choose from a dog trench coat and cashmere. The apparels are perfect for any occasion. Designer dog clothes provide more than exceptional style and comfort because they are a way to show your pet and the world that you care about them in the best way. Being the best pet parent means getting your dog clothes that keep him warm on chilly days, cozy while traveling, or just beautiful and laid-back when out. 

      Styles and Luxury Dog Sweaters

      Our Brunello cashmere dog sweater is made of 100% cashmere of the highest quality. We used the best materials directly sourced from the Himalayas since your dog deserves them. Above all, its elegant look makes it the perfect fit for our best dog leash and luxury dog collars.

      The Sherlock trench coat, made from the best materials, has a simple belt to fasten, metal eyelets for durability, horn buttons, and a genuine leather buckle to adjust. A unique cotton blend produced in Italy is used to make the coat itself. A finely handmade, lovingly made dog jacket showcasing the best in craftsmanship. Walking and shining are the only actions left to take.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

      Q1. Should dogs wear clothes?

      A. The general view is that your dog's Fine wearing any apparel as long as it doesn't bother or hurt them.

      Q2. Can dogs sleep with clothes on?

      A. While wearing clothing, some dogs are uncomfortable, while others don't respond. Depending on your dog's nature, you can determine whether they will tolerate wearing clothes while they sleep.

      Q3. Is it OK to dress your dog?

      A. Yes, it is entirely OK to dress your dog, but an important thing to remember is to look for your dog's comfort so go for soft, relaxing fabric.