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Dog Sofa Beds

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5 products

Dogs Sofa Beds

If there is one item that you should choose carefully, it is without a doubt your dog’s bed. Indeed, most dogs will spend almost 80% of their time in their bed, whether sleeping or relaxing. A well-rested dog means a happy dog ready to take on adventures with their favorite human being(s). This is the reason why, we at Lord Lou, have a passion for pet furniture, more specifically for dog sofa beds. From baroque luxury dog sofa beds to puppy sofa beds, we have an extensive range of framed dog beds.

Lord Lou was born from a love for both pets and interior design. By combining our passions, we naturally started to specialize in couch beds for dogs which match the owner’s own couch and home interior. Because we believe pets deserve the same luxury as we do, we use only superior grade fabrics that are used for human furniture. Whether your furry family includes a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, we designed and created our pet sofas in every size, going from small sofa dog beds to extra-large ones. You will also find the best dog beds here.

Our collection of luxury sofa dog beds varies in styles, shapes, and materials. These variations are all designed to serve a purpose. For instance, some sofa beds are made with an elevated frame for dogs that enjoy an extra sense of safety, prefer to stay away from draft or really just want to copy their owner by sitting higher as well. Other sofas for dogs are made entirely from vegan leather. Whatever your dog’s preferences and your home interior style we have a matching dog bed made for the both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What kind of materials are used to make sofas for dogs?

Most of our sofa dog beds have a sturdy sustainably sourced wooden base with different finishes. The cushions or upholstery come in different materials such as velvet, linen or even cotton canvas. Every material passes a high-grade Martindale test and will resist any paws. Lord Lou also offers leather sofa dog beds for the ones in search of that extra luxury feeling.

How are your dog sofa beds made? 

All our dog sofas are made by expert hands and are a result of passionate craftsmanship. Hours go into every single dog bed and are locally made in our atelier based in Europe.

How to choose between a dog couch bed and a soft bed? 

All dogs are different and so is everyone’s home interior. At Lord Lou we offer both types of beds, which we make sure to be evenly comfortable. Even though soft beds are the ideal place to lay down for a nap, we notice most dogs tend to look for a more secure and safe spot. The elevation of the frame combined with an enclosed shape will make your dog feel protected and thus more at ease. We however believe that your pet will enjoy more than one place to rest, so why not combine both?