Velvet is one of those truly luxury fabrics that has been around for centuries. As we like to treat our pets like royalty, it was an obvious decision for us to design velvet pet beds. With the softest fabrics and most luxurious details, these pet beds are a true feast for the eyes. But what is velvet actually made from? And is this fabric pet friendly in the first place? Time to answer some questions about one of the plushest fabrics ever made.


The history of velvet

The first mention of velvet dates back to somewhere around the beginning of the fourteenth century. The fabric most likely origins from the Far East. But the earliest sources of European artistic velvets were Italian cities, sending out rich velvet textures. Later in the sixteenth century, Bruges (Belgium) attained a reputation for velvets. Back then, because of the softness of the fabric, and its high cost of production, velvet was reserved for nobility. This reputation might just be the reason why this material is so popular again in our days. 

How velvet is made

Velvet is made on a special loom that weaves two thicknesses of the material at the same time. The two pieces are cut apart to create a pile effect. Two lengths of fabrics are wound on separate take-up rolls. To produce velvet, different kinds of fibres were used traditionally, of which the most expensive one was silk. Nowadays, synthetic velvets have been developed as well

Is velvet pet-friendly?

Yes, it is. It is one of the fabrics that cats don’t easily destroy, and both cats and dogs love the luscious feel of velvet. Velvet can be crushed and might lose its look and feel after a while, but not the Lord Lou Velvet Collection. We’ve created a fabric that is water-, as well as stain-resistant. There hasn’t been a more durable velvet since we have entered the market.

Combining your velvet pet bed

Alright, now you know you can combine a velvet pet bed with different pets. But how do you arrange these velvets in an interior? There are two interior styles that match our pet beds: the art deco and the classic style.

Art deco style

In Art Deco interiors, a big statement is usually made. Bold geometric patterns can be found, combined with generous use of gold, steel and a variety of expensive materials to show wealth. Sounds as if velvet is usually part of the show.

Matching these interiors, are our velvet pet sofa Edward, and velvet pet bed Diana. Both beds are made from vibrant blue or green velvet fabric and decorated with golden details to emphasize the luxurious look and feel. Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to spend the majority of your day than in one of these elegant velvet pet beds. 

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Classic style

There’s nothing classier than an authentic royal interior. As Louis XVI showed in his palaces, and other royals before and after him, velvet was a much-loved product back in the days. Visit any old chateau, and you’ll be flooded by the abundant use of velvet all around you: whether it’s the walls or the chairs, and even the cloaks; no velvet was spared during the decoration of this age.

Even nowadays, when decorating your interior as a royal palace, velvet cannot be forgotten. It’s why we designed velvet pet bed George. A real subject to the imperial feet of your pet, this bed is everything a classic style interior and your pet could ask for. With its hand-carved details, we didn’t leave anything out to create the utmost luxurious look and feel a pet bed could have. Time to treat your loved ones as royalty, don’t you think?

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