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Edoardo Dog Bed

Our Edoardo is the bed your dog has always dreamt of. This elevated dog bed is designed with the happiness and comfort of your dog in mind, as well as the style and luxury you desire for your home. A high-quality dog bed, for the best night’s sleep your dog could possibly have.

Classic Luxury

Edoardo is a classic sewing faux leather dog bed and is inspired by the memorable “Bentley-stitch”. Available in the conventional colours brown and black, as well as different sizes, you’ll always find the best fit matching you and your dog’s wishes. The soft padding in the bed adds a new level of comfort to your dog’s life, contributing to a well-rested and happy family member. The combination of luxury and comfort, as well as style and quality make the Edoardo bed the perfect addition to your and your dogs’ happiness.

Timeless Dog Furniture

The upholstery of the exquisite dog bed consists of faux leather with a Bentley stitch, making the dog bed both comfortable and timeless at the same time. This classic style evokes a feeling of contemporary “royal casual”, adding a classic style to your home. You and your loyal family member deserve only the best: the Edoardo dog bed.

Size (cm):       100x80x31cm

Care: Leather is one of the easiest upholstery materials to look after. It is naturally durable and grows more beautiful with age. Well-made leather furniture is an investment, and with a little bit of love and attention it can last for generations. We offer the following advice to help you care for your leather upholstery. Do not place your leather sofa too close to a heat source, as it may cause it to crack and age prematurely. All leathers will fade over time, but darker colours may fade faster in direct sunlight. Never use “standard” cleaning products to remove dust, spills or stains from leather. Please use specialist leather wipes and creams.

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