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Winston Pet Blanket

Lord Lou is continuously looking to maximise comfort for your pet. The specific needs of your cat or dog can vary. Are they easily overheated, or rather cold? With that in mind, Lord Lou designed the Winston pet blanket. That way, you can control temperature variations under numerous conditions. Cover your pet in the car for cosy carriage on the road or lay the blanket on the foot of your bed for your four-legged companion.

Cotton Pet Blanket

The Winston pet blanket is made of 100% cotton. The softest cotton, that is. Let’s get sentimental here: your pet deserves something delicate. Delicacy is written all over the blanket, including Lord Lou logo and little cats and dogs. You can put the blanket in Lord Lou furniture pieces or on your couch. Any minute with your pet is a minute well-spent. You might as well spend it comfortably. Use the blanket to cool down your pet on warmer days and cosy them up on the colder ones.

Unboxing Experience

Ever opened a package together with an overly excited pet? Grant yourself and your pet this unique experience of unboxing a new favourite blanket together. Also, the blanket is washable. Resulting in ultimate comfort on the one hand and convenience on the other hand. Please wash at 40 Celsius to sustain the quality of the material. The Winston pet blanket comes in a colour just as chic as its name: anthracite grey is the new black if you ask us.


Material: 100 % organic cotton
Colour: Grey
Size: 100 x 140 (CM)
39,5 x 55 (Inch)
Care: machine washable on 40 degrees, tumble dry on low temperature