Roma | Burnt Oak Elevated Dog Feeder

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Roma Dog Bowl

When we enjoy fine dining we choose the finest china to compliment the food and dining experience. Our beloved canine family members also deserve this experience with the Roma elevated double dog bowl. Not only does this feeding bowl bring comfort and quality to their eating experience, the beautiful design also adds to your interior design.

Double Designer Dog Bowl

As you know, each dog has its own personality, qualities and preferences. So why shouldn’t we find the perfect feeding bowl to meet these features of your beloved loyal friend? Our double designer dog bowl is available in different heights, to fit your dog perfectly. The right height provides more comfort while eating and also prevents neck injuries. We all know our lovely family members deserve so.

Contemporary & Timeless Design

The combination of the solid oak wood frame and stainless steel bowls result in a contemporary and timeless design. This luxurious bowl isn’t just timeless because of its design, but also because of the the high-quality materials of the product. The high-end stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe, resting in a solid wood frame. Timeless design and quality.

Comes in three dimensions.

S: 33x17x8 cm, 12 cm Ø , 0,3 L
M: 50x23x16 cm, 15 cm Ø, 0,71 L
L: 59.5×31.5×25 cm, 21 cm Ø, 1,71 L

Top: weathered solid oak
Frame:Powder coated metal
Colour:  Natural wood/black

S 33x17x8 Cm Ø 12 Cm, 0,3 L
M 50x23x16Cm Ø 15 Cm, 0,71 L
L 59.5×31.5×25 Cm Ø 21 Cm, 1,71 L

S 13x7x3 Inches Ø , 10 OZ
M 20x9x6 Inches Ø, 24 OZ
L 23,5×12,5×10 Inches Ø, 58 OZ