Riva | Silver Dog Bowl

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Riva Dog bowl

What contributes to an excellent dining experience? It must be in the details: the refinement of skill and style, performed in quite a sophisticated fashion. Why not provide a fine dining experience for your beloved canine? The Riva dog bowl is designed to do just that. Until recently only available in grand hotels: The Ritz, Bristol and George V, to name a few. How do we define ourselves? By our belongings? No. It’s the way of living how we define ourselves.

Luxury Dog Bowl

The attention towards quality goes on. Lord Lou delivers the Riva dog bowl in a luxury gift box. Put your dog in the spotlight, not just for once, but for a lifetime. Nourishing your four-legged royal highness is taken to the next level with the Riva dog bowl. Cutting-edge luxury, if you will. Anyways, the Riva dog bowl leaves both you and your dog speechless.

Proper Affluence

Haute cuisine is attainable in the comfort of your home. If that isn’t adequate affluence for your dog, we don’t know what is. Lord Lou provides in a refined rendezvous for your noble canine at dinnertime. Dining together is the grant gastronomic encounter for both you and your dog. Mirror a fine dining experience for your four-legged family member with the Riva dog bowl.


S: 15 cm Ø
M: 19 cm Ø

S: 5,9 Inch Ø
M: 7,5 Inch Ø

Material: Brass plated with Nickel. Lacquer layer makes this exclusive bowl food safe.