Milano | Weathered Oak Elevated Dog Feeder

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Milano pet feeder

The Milano pet feeder is the perfect dining table for your chic and cosmopolitan four-legged friend. The Milano pet bowl brings the global capital of fashion and design right into your home. Your canine comrade will not let this pass by unnoticed. The floor will be free from food and water because your cuddly companion will eat like real sophisticated and well-behaved Italians do. The frame of reclaimed wood in burnt oak colour goes perfectly fine with your interior and adds a sustainable touch to your home base. The Milano meal bowl is an example of how Lord Lou does not compromise between functionality and fashion. For your precious dog and you, we want both.

Elevated Milano dinner bowl

With its elevated design, the Milano pet feeder is a comfortable and practical pet feeder for your beloved amigo. Due to its raised surface, it alters your dog’s posture and prevents injury. As our tail-waggers come in different sizes, the Milano pet feeder comes in different heights too. Your dog’s neck will be well-balanced when eating and drinking, which will result in a healthy and happy buddy. Isn’t it a wonderful idea to be able to grant your dog the same luxury and refinement as you’d be content with yourself while enjoying a good meal? This is exactly what the Milano feeder bowl gives your dog: fine dining.

Milano pet feeder with double bowl

As we know at Lord Lou from first-hand experiences, our adorable soulmates might mistakenly dig into their water bowls as if they had a nice fresh swimming pool in front of them. How cute it is when your dog finds happiness within his water bowl, it is not exactly desirable for pet owners to slippery slope their way to the door. The Milano dinner table for dogs has therefore got two branded high durable stainless steel bowls for your playful friend to be fed and hydrated. The best news: these bowls can be dishwasher-cleaned without any problem. Just perfect.


S: 33x17x6 cm, stainless steel bowls, Ø 12 cm (0.3 ltr)
M: 50x27x9 cm, stainless steel bowls Ø 15 cm (0.73 ltr)
L: 59,5x31x22 cm, stainless steel bowls Ø 21 cm (1.71 ltr)

S: 13x7x2,5 Inch, stainless steel bowls, Ø 5 Inch (10 OZ)
M: 20x11x3,5 Inch, stainless steel bowls Ø 6 Inch (24 OZ)
L: 23,5x12x8,5, stainless steel bowls Ø 8 Inch (58 OZ)