Copycat Art Scratcher - Mona Lisa

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Copycat Scratching Post

The Copycat is nothing like a regular scratching post. It’s brutal, but not blunt. A true piece of art. However, cats have no mercy for these masterpieces. The art of carving is what truly matters here. Our dear pets are little wreckers. Satisfy your cat’s craving to crush and the desire to demolish. The Copycat is made to be torn up by its opponent: your beloved cat.

Designer Scratching Post

Beautifully designed by Dutch designer and cat-lover Erik Stehmann, this designer cat scratcher took quite a lot of research. Hang it up on the wall or stabilize it on the floor. Made of hard-wearing sisal fibres: something challenging for our felines to get their claws into. We know what the true victory is. An eye for an eye, without seeing scratches on your sofa. A tooth for a tooth, without facing the fate of your furniture. To scratch or to be scratched, that’s the question.

Timeless Design

Many times, there is a certain beauty in decay. Luckily, the Copycat won’t degenerate fast. It’ll take a while before the Mona Lisa, the Flowers in a Glass Vase or the Girl with the Pearl Earring is pulverized. Cat owners now have a stylish and light-hearted, though functional accessory for their interior. The Copycat is almost just as timeless as the masterpieces themselves. Its design was inspired by the very own cat of Erik Stehmann in cooperation with Lord Lou to fulfil bold dreams with a unique result.


Size (cm): 70×50