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Product Description

Christopher Dog Bed 

The Christopher dog bed is not just a piece of furniture. It is the contemporary finishing touch to your household. Subtle, yet boldly present. Its austere design mixes well in earth-coloured interiors. However, we know it is incomplete without your beloved dog taking a rest on it. The Christopher is designed to do just that. Doubtlessly irresistible for man’s best friend. Taking moments of relaxation to a whole new level. Though much more stylish, if you ask us.

Modern Luxury Dog Bed 

Furnished with beautifully hand-woven rattan, one can never go wrong with the Christopher dog bed. The weathered oak provides a state-of-the-art, yet warm appearance. We take pride in the looks, though the true triumph lies in the comfort of this modern luxury dog bed. Proper affluence is found in the cushy pillow of the Christopher. Exactly what your dog needs after an exciting and energetic day.

Superb Relaxation 

The Christopher dog bed is lifted slightly off the ground to prevent your dog from sitting in a draught. The consolidation with the soft cushion equals a superb relaxing experience for man’s best friend. Your dog will adore the bed, almost as much as he adores you. Convenience is yet another striking component of Christopher. The rattan material and washable cushion make your life at ease, just like your dog’s.


Frame: weathered solid oak
Upholstery:  100 % polyester
Cushion filling:  polyurethane
Colour:  ecru

S 50x33x24 Cm
M 69x50x29 Cm
L 85x66x30 Cm

S: 20×13×9,5 inch
M: 27x20x11,5 inch
L: 33,5×26×12 inch

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