Capri | Copper Dog Bowl

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Capri Dog Bowl

Our friendly four-legged family members deserve just as much love and warmth as they bring to us. And what better way to give it back to them than with giving them a fine dining experience? The Capri dog bowl is designed to do just that, and more. Ever had an unboxing experience with an overly excited puppy? This is your chance: when purchasing the Capri dog bowl you also receive a Lord Lou gift box. We can guarantee you extreme happiness for your beloved family member.

Industrial Luxury Dog Bowl

The Capri food bowl reflects a luxurious industrial style, combining the sheer shapes of stainless steel with the captivating brass reflections. To explore new possible definitions of metal surface, copper was chosen to interpret from an industrial point of view. The brass creates a rich interaction with light, a kind of luminous skin capable of exalting pure, neutral lines. The modern design is the perfect way to complement your own stylish home interior.

High-Quality Food Bowl

The high-quality metal surface of the feeding bowl means its beautiful design can easily be preserved. The design of the bowl also adds to the eating experience of your beloved four-legged family member, thanks to fitted rubber caps attached to the bottom. These prevent the bowl from slipping away, enhancing the comfort of your dog whilst enjoying his or her meal. That’s ultimately our goal of buying a feeding bowl.


S.  17,3×17,3×6,8 (0,3L)     
M.  23x23x9 (0,73L)   
L   28,7×28,7×11,3 (1,71L)   

S.  6,8×6,8×2,7 (10 oz)
M. 9x9x3,5 (25 oz)
L. 11,3×11,3×4,5 (85 oz)

Yes, your bowl is dishwasher safe.

But to preserve its life and beauty, a simple hand wash with mild soap will keep your dog’s objet d’art shining like new.