Brunello | Grey Cashmere Dog Sweater

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Brunello Dog Pullover

Stylish and warm, the consolidation your four-legged family member needs. Winter days cosier than ever. Whether you blow hot or cold, the Brunello dog pullover will undoubtedly provide an adequate amount of warmth for your canine. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hence, spoil your loved tail-wagger with a stylish designer dog pullover. The sleek design fits beautifully, ensuring your dog can move as smooth and comfortable as the pullover is itself. Talking about the ideal birthday present, the Brunello seems to be all we’re able to talk about.

Designer Dog Clothes

Made of the finest quality cashmere, one can never go wrong with the Brunello dog pullover. Brunello provides a heart-warming glow for your cherished dog. All the senses are engaged here. See for yourself with just one glance; feel for yourself with a mere touch. Hear your dog bark happily. We know you have great taste in clothes. Why not elaborate on that taste by giving your dog a unique piece of designer clothing? A dog that looks chic is a thankful one, so to speak.

Luxury Dog Clothing

This unique piece of luxury dog clothing is named after the famous Italian wine, Brunello di Montalcino. At Lord Lou, we tried to provide in something just as chic and tempting as a good glass of wine. Thus, the use of cashmere was the only right one. Seductively soft and with a tempting texture. Pampering your four-legged friend just as wine pampers your taste buds as it should. Besides, this piece of luxury dog clothing is washable, adding a decent amount of convenience to it as well. Please wash by hand or dry clean.


Colours: Anthracite & Beige

Size Guide
Size 8:   (20 cm/8 Inch neck to tail)
Size 10:  (25 cm/10 Inch neck to tail)  
Size 12:  (30 cm/12 Inch neck to tail)  
Size 14:  (35 cm/14 Inch neck to tail)  

Care: Dry clean or wash by hand