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Lord Lou and Royal Delft present:

The Enchanted Forest Pet Bowl

The Enchanted Forest pet bowl has arrived. Limited edition, rich in heritage, and absolutely breathtaking.

The #1 choice of sophisticated pet lovers worldwide

Royal Delft & Lord Lou join forces to create The Enchanted Forest Bowl

A unique and luxurious pet bowl designed and created together with Royal Delft in The Netherlands, Europe. Entirely handmade in Royal Delft’s Delftware factory, this pet bowl combines all elements Lord Lou stands for: superior quality, passionate craftsmanship and impactful design. More than a bowl, it is a unique piece of art with a touch of Dutch heritage. At the core of every product lies precision, patience and passion. An exclusive dinnerware collection made for pets and owners who appreciate the finer things in life.

A unique and timeless piece of art

Every single The Enchanted Forest bowl is a unique handcrafted piece of art ready to blend into your home interior.  

Handcrafted by master artists

The enchanting scenery is painted by an official Royal Delft paint-master in four different shades of blue resulting in the famous Delft Blue color.

Authentic Royal Delft Heritage

The Enchanted Forest pet bowl is made in the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century in Delft, The Netherlands, Europe. Royal Delft has been producing modern and iconic Dutch Designs that belong to the world’s grandeur of high-end ceramics since 1653.

Superior quality, made to last

Elegant yet sturdy, superior quality lies at the heart of this creation. A one of a kind pet bowl that will last and grow in value with time.

"Don't let your pet eat like an Animal"

The Enchanted Forest Pet Bowl

Over 120 hours of meticulous craftsmanship work are needed to create one unique bowl. Each pet bowl will go through several stages: the design by the Royal Delft master-painter; the creation of the silkscreen made in four different tones of blue; the application of the colors after the bowls have been glazed and the third and final baking round of the bowl.

The forest scenery, which is painted by hand, is applied to the ceramic bowl through a transfer technique rooting from England in the 18th century. Once the transfers have been applied to the glazed bowls, the Royal Delft’s iconic blue colors come alive.

A unique and elegant design that will add a touch of history to your home interior.

The #1 choice of sophisticated pet lovers worldwide

Exclusive Artisanal Craftsmanship since 1653

Each bowl rests between 4 to 5 hours to create the base. The clay's consistency is controlled manually every hour to determine the thickness. The process of solidification will result in the bowl's original shape.

Once the bowl has attained its optimal shape, the base gets refined by expert hands. Multiple handling will take place at this stage: manual shaping within the original mold; creation of grabbing point; polishing with a humid sponge to perfect shape and texture.

After achieving the perfect shape, the bowl will go through a first round of baking, followed by its glazing. Once glazed, the painted forest scenery will be applied through a transfer technique rooting from the 18th century. Another two rounds of baking at different temperatures will be necessary to make the well-known Delfts Blue colors come alive.

Elevate your Pet's Dinner Game