Dog Soft Beds

Dog Soft Beds

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1 product

We're designers, so you can be too

Lord Lou is a luxury soft dog bed brand that was founded for people who are passionate about their dogs and their homes. We believe in providing customers with the best of the best, so we made our dog bed frames out of top-of-the-line soft foam.

Designer quality with designer prices

We believe in providing the best of the best. Our soft dog beds will never go flat and they also come with a year warranty to make sure your investment lasts.

Customization at its most convenient

We offer custom orders for all our beds! You can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, materials and sizes to make your dog bed just how you want it.

Bed for every type of pet

We want your dogs to sleep as comfortably as possible too! Our luxury dog beds furniture come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for every type of dog.

Innovative design for ultimate comfort

Our design is simple but based on extensive research into what dogs need - a comfortable material that doesn't have any toxic chemicals or smell.