Dog Clothes

Lou Lord creates high-quality products only for our furry family members because they deserve as much comfort and style as we do ourselves. We want our beloved dogs to be cozy and warm during winter days. That’s why besides from our collection dog blankets, we have selected the finest materials to produce a fashionable design for dog clothes as well. These stylish pullovers will keep your four-legged family member happy and joyful during the snowy season. By spoiling your canine comrade with some designer dog clothes, you will get something priceless in return: unlimited devotion and unconditional love.

Designer dog clothes

The luxury dog clothes in our collection are made from high-quality cashmere and form a smooth layer of protection for your cute tail-wagger. The designer dog clothes perfectly adjust to the shape of your dog’s body and therefore offer nothing but utmost comfort and freedom. Indeed, our designer dog clothes are designed with movement in mind. Your furry friend has to be able to jump, sit and run freely when wearing luxurious dog clothes. Not unimportantly, your classy barker will be ready for the red carpet with our first-class designer dog clothing as with the other various chic dog accessories from our collection.

Luxury dog clothing

Just like you, we want the best and only the best for our crazy runners. Lord Lou, therefore, provides high-class dog clothes and nothing less. Giving your dog a unique and tailored piece of designer dog clothing will result in a jumping and super exciting four-legged pumping. As a proud dog-owner, you will walk your loyal companion, knowing that your dog feels content, is protected and looks superb. The soft and tempting texture of our dog clothes will be a pleasure to your furry source of happiness. As for you, dear owner, this piece of designer dog clothing is entirely washable by hand or can be dry cleaned!

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