Dog Bowls and Feeders

As devoted and caring dog-owners, we want the absolute best for our happy tail-waggers. This means that we will surround them with funny and interesting toys, reward their good behaviour with the most mouth-watering snacks as a treat and make sure they have soft and comfy dog beds. One very important matter for our fluffy friends presents itself during dinner-time. Not only for our furry four-leggers but also for ourselves, an elevated dog feeder solves a lot of issues. Our elevated feeders for dogs are strong and sturdy and therefore prevent the bowl from moving when your hungry pumpkin is enjoying a delicious feast.

Double elevated dog feeders

Your canine family member doesn’t only want to eat; it also needs to be hydrated. Especially during summer days, the thirsty dog can be an enthusiastic drinker and might mistake the drinking bowl for a swimming pool. Lord Lou has created elevated feeders for dogs with both a bowl for yummy dinner and a bowl for crystal clear water. Raised dog feeders, therefore, avoid water or food on the floor and gives you some extra relaxation time while your exciting tail-wagger is attacking his tasty meal. We use high-quality wood and metal materials for our raised dog feeders. Hence, you are ensured that no damaging substances will enter your furry friend’s meal or water.

Elevated dog feeders to avoid injuries

To keep healthy and happy canine comrades, our raised dog feeder bowls encourage a healthy position while your dog is enjoying food. Especially for companions that already suffer canine arthritis or immobility issues, raising the feeder is the least we can do to soften their pains. By altering the posture of our beloved dog-family members, we can help them eating without strains and pains. Our elevated dog feeders are equipped with branded high durable stainless bowls that will go a long time. Besides from making your cuddly dog’s life a lot more comfortable and adding some luxury to daily dog-practices, our elevated dog feeders have timeless designs and are a true addition to your home interior.

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