Dog Blankets

Your Royal Highness needs to be comfy and warm at all times. Canine-lovers that we are at Lord Lou, we used our expertise and craftsmanship to develop a collection of top-notch dog blankets. Our dog blankets will keep your furry friend comfortable, whether laying on a couch or a dog bed. With natural and neutral colours, the luxury dog blankets in our collection also perfectly fit your home interior design. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a home stayer or a traveller because a comfortable dog blanket for on the couch provides your beloved buddy with his or her own, personal, comfortable and super soft spot, wherever and whenever.

Faux fur luxury dog blanket

Our cuddly soulmates deserve dog blankets made from the finest materials. Your loyal dog gives you unconditional love and overloads you with adoration. Imagine your hairy companion all cuddled up, laying there next to you, picture perfect in a beautiful faux fur dog blanket. The carefully selected faux fur for our dog blankets for couch comes all the way from Japan. Our dog blankets are tightly woven and offer your joyful mate extreme softness to doze off. Just like with squeezy dog cushions, when moving a paw during dreams, your sleepy comrade will experience nothing but fluffiness. Our high-quality dog blankets are perfectly washable on 30℃ and can be tumble dried on low temperatures too. Beautiful, lush and convenient.

Fresh Austrian cotton dog blanket

Cotton is a breathing and surprisingly soft material. During winter, this luxury dog blanket will keep the body temperature of your lovely prince comfortably warm. Also, the weight of the cotton will give your buddy a feeling of protection and shelter without disturbing your cute pumpkin. The dog blanket for couch is made of 100% organic cotton from Austria, which regulates body temperature under various conditions. With our luxury dog blanket, your kindhearted pet will have a fresh and cool experience during hot summer days. Even a car drive to the Mediterranean is no longer a problem with a cotton dog blanket for couch. When the dog blanket gets dirty, no panic. Lord Lou develops and designs with dog-owners in mind, so our cotton dog blanket for couch is machine washable on 40 degrees.

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