Cat Cushions & Pillows

Each cat has got different preferences and needs, but all our beloved four-legged family members fancy a cozy doze. Times in which cat beds were designed for function only and were hidden in the corner of a room are over. Lord Lou has a collection of durable, luxury cat beds that offer your fluffy friend more than just a soft and warm spot to rest. Anti-slip bottoms prevent the lightweight cat beds from moving and avoid damage to the pavement. Our luxury dog beds are handmade, unique designs to provide your joyful comrade with the best relaxation experience possible while adding a beautiful high-class design to your home interior.

Cat cushions with lush upholstery

We wish for our dearest canine friends to experience the same comfort and delight during their doze as we want for ourselves. Lord Lou selects nothing but the finest materials for your loyal companion, whether it’s royal plush, cat beds with smooth breathing cotton, soft silk or dog cushions made from durable linen to perfectly regulate your comrade’s body temperature. Our luxury cat beds with handcrafted and tailored upholstery made from high-quality, luxurious fabrics offer your loyal friend the relaxation and abundance needed to exceed your cat’s well-being. At the same time, our attention to detail takes our collection of cat beds to another level for proud feline-owners.

Dutch design cat beds

Lord Lou offers different beds for cats, ranging from elevated beds to protect your Royal Highness from cold draught to cat beds with a solid oak frame and cat beds with an elegant handwoven frame. Our Dutch family business provides both cats and feline-lovers with comfort and style. During cold winter days, you can provide your happy friend with an extra warm faux fur pet blanket as well. When sleeping in one of our extravagant cat beds, your loyal buddy is given all the freedom to play and get dirty since our beds for cats come with convenient removable and washable cushions. cat beds have waterproof inner cushions to prevent moist from entering and create a warm, dry and pleasant spot for your sleepy pet family member. Whichever colour, cushion filling, upholstery, frame or style you’re looking for in a luxury cat bed, Lord Lou has the bed your cat deserves.

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