Cat Collars

You want your feline friend to be the happiest cat in the world and experience comfort, also when it comes to what collar they are wearing around their neck and what leash is used to walk your fluffy mate. We know that. That’s why Lord Lou has created a fabulous collection of collars and leashes, all handmade and extremely comfortable to wear. The search for the highest quality materials and most comfortable and feline-friendly design for leather cat collars and leashes has even taken us across borders. Like you, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for the sake of our best friend’s well-being.

Luxury leather collars

Imagine a handmade leather cat collar, so soft and stretchy that your four-legged companion doesn’t even realize it’s wearing something around the neck. Our handmade leather cat collars are made from saddler leather from France, a durable first-class material that will last longer and provide your Royal Highness with the style and luxury it deserves. When three layers of the finest leather are carefully stitched by hand, the result is not just a leather dog collar. It’s a piece of jewellery, an elegant accessory that suits the image of your beautiful dog. To protect your loyal buddy’s neck from irritation, leather cat collars are softly padded with glove leather. In order to prevent stretching, the holes in our leather cat collars are reinforced with nylon.

Handmade leather cat leash

It would be perfect if we could always give our playful cats the freedom and space to run, play and jump. Despite our wish, there are times during which we need to have our cat on a leash. Lord Lou has created a collection of leather cat leashes which will give both you and your feline soulmate freedom and joy. A leather cat leash, handmade and from the finest saddlery leather, is the answer to the question. With functionality and style in mind, our leather cat leashes are saddle-stitched and equipped with solid nickel hardware details. When leather cat leashes are coloured, they are vegetable-dyed to protect your cat’s health. Remember to cover your excited tail-wagger with a warm piece of dog clothing when going outside on cold winter days. Our precious family members deserve the best only.

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