Cat Bowls & Feeders

As devoted and caring cat-owners, we want the absolute best for our happy tail-waggers. This means that we will surround them with funny and interesting toys, reward their good behaviour with the most mouth-watering snacks as a treat and make sure they have soft and comfy cat beds. One very important matter for our fluffy friends presents itself during dinner-time. Not only for our furry four-leggers but also for ourselves, an elevated cat feeder solves a lot of issues. Our elevated feeders for cats are strong and sturdy and therefore prevent the bowl from moving when your hungry pumpkin is enjoying a delicious feast.

Double elevated cat feeders

Your feline family member doesn’t only want to eat; it also needs to be hydrated. Especially during summer days, the thirsty cat can be an enthusiastic drinker and might mistake the drinking bowl for a swimming pool. Lord Lou has created elevated feeders for cats with both a bowl for yummy dinner and a bowl for crystal clear water. Raised cat feeders, therefore, avoid water or food on the floor and gives you some extra relaxation time while your exciting tail-wagger is attacking his tasty meal. We use high-quality wood and metal materials for our raised cat feeders. Hence, you are ensured that no damaging substances will enter your furry friend’s meal or water.

Drama Free