Cat Beds & Baskets

Our pets have different characters, behaviours and needs, but they all deserve extremely comfortable pet furniture that suits their requirements. Simultaneously, proud pet-owners as we are, we desire to integrate beautiful and stylish pet furniture into our home interior. That’s why Lord Lou works with designers from the furniture industry and uses high end and luxury materials only. Trust in artistry protects the quality of our pet furniture and guarantees you and your beloved four-legged comrade handmade luxury pet furniture. The combination of thought-through design, first-class materials and fine craftsmanship results in fashionable and comfy dog beds, soft cat baskets and dinner-tables for your snuggly family members.

Luxury furniture for pets

When designing pet furniture, we take all aspects into account. The collection of luxury pet furniture consists of unique, one of a kind items. Durable wood is carved by hand, and attention to detail plays a vital role during the production of our pet furniture. Upholstery is carefully selected to offer your joyful companion cozy furniture while at the same time adding a piece of art to your home interior. Our pet furniture is designed with functionality in mind, too. Whether it’s for the energetic pet that happily plays in a mud pool or for the cuddlesome buddy, Lord Lou offers tailored furniture for pets.

Beyond pet furniture

We believe that furniture for pets should be a pleasure for owners too. We, therefore, use high-quality local materials for the production of pet furniture, the same materials used for traditional human furniture. Lord Lou produces a range of designs to fit in any home. Our pet furniture with Louis XXXX style is elegant and extravagant, offering you and your pet the best only. Relaxation for your fluffy family member is considered, by elevated platforms to keep your pet protected from cold draught and soft cushions with handmade padding. Lord Lou produces pet furniture that offers your comrade a beyond comfortable life.

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