Cat Scratchers

There are many reasons why our independent but loving cats scratch. Our feline buddies scratch to stretch their flexible bodies, clean their claws and not unimportant, to mark their territory. Home belongs to the cat of the house, and no unwanted guest will steal the love of their owner from them. The fact of the matter is, we’d rather not have our furry felines attacking the furniture or their cat cushions. To solve that issue, the cat scratcher has come to life. Lord Lou has a collection of durable cat scratchers that give your four-legged family member the freedom to stretch and flex. On a cat scratcher that is.

Designer cat scratchers

Together with well-known designers such as Erik Sehmann, we have elevated the concept of cat scratchers to something beyond: art in itself. The unique designs of our cat scratchers are exclusive only to Lord Lou and offer your cat a sophisticated cat scratcher that matches its character. Our cat scratchers represent the cutting edge between functionality and art, between old and new. Your cat will have the honour to reflect its fury onto a famous artwork, but as art is an everlasting part of this world, it will take your excited furry friend a while to destruct the cat scratcher.

Durable cat scratchers

We’ve designed our cat scratchers specifically with sustainability in mind. Our cat scratchers were made to survive and your feline companion will not enjoy victory, which means that you will. Durable cat scratchers for heavy scratching provide your cat with an elegant luxury for pets, protect the cat bed from being destroyed and look extremely stylish in your interior. The playful cat scratchers in our collection are unforgettable masterpieces from the past that have been transformed into unbreakable masterpieces in the present. With a Lord Lou cat scratcher, your little wrecker will enjoy some fulfilling scratisfaction while you gain a decorative and humoristic accessory for your interior.

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